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InShape HR

HR Consultant 269 views

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If you as the business owner or the HR responsible looking to enhance both top and bottom-line performance of your organization, one of your key priorities should be the human capital.

You can seek the assistance of HR consultants to create processes, policies and procedures and to conduct training and development to enhance employee motivation and engagement. HR consultants can also play a vital role in conflict management & improving employee/industrial relations.

We at InShape HR provide HR consulting services with 100+ years of combined experience to enhance your company performance through better people management and HR practices.”

Products and Services

Training and development

Training and development involve improving the effectiveness of organizations and the individuals and teams within them.
Employee and Industrial Relations

Healthy cordial relationship between the work force and the employer/ management and the trade union within the workplace improves employee productivity and efficiency.
Organizational Restructuring

Organizational Restructuring is when a company’s business model has changed due to internal or external factors and needs to adapt in order to survive and ultimately grow. This may result in a downsize, upsize or reshuffle of staffing requirement.
Salary & Benefits Surveys

Salary surveys help employers attract, support, & maintain employees. By creating a culture of fair pay for work based on a competitive approach, companies are better able to attract workers.
HR Audits

An HR audit involves devoting time and resources to taking an intensely objective look at the organization's HR policies, practices, procedures, and strategies to protect the organization, establish best practices and identify opportunities for improvement.