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Entegriz – Accounting & Finance

Accounting & Finance Services 368 views

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Established in February 2019, Entegrit Global (Pvt) Ltd was founded by a team of young professionals who aims to provide the young entrepreneurs an opportunity to outsource their financial services. We formed with the ultimate objective of continuously thriving to serve the start-ups as a service provider that would essentially act as their own finance team.

Products and Services

Remote Working

So yes! We have to agree to the fact that the zoom meetings will never be able to replace the face to face meetings we have been having. Still confused whether to go remote? Think about it. You will be reaping huge benefits by lowering your business expenses.
Are you starting up a business

Most of the startups forgo the importance of proper record keeping and validating their numbers just to improve and grow their business. However, what most startups do not understand is the fact that maintaining proper records is vital for startups if they are to improve and grow their business. It's all about getting your numbers right, right from the start.
Financial Insights

Do not know your last month's profit/loss figure just because your accountant resigned? Time to outsource your accounting functions and quit worrying about your staff turnover.