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Ceylon Operators(PVT) Ltd

Clearing, Forwarding and Logistics 389 views

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Ceylon Operators has a rich heritage in clearing, forwarding, and transport in Sri Lanka since 1970. Ceylon Operators are the founding members of the ‘Association of Clearing and Forwarding Agents’ (ACFA) and also hold membership with the ‘Association of Container Transporter’ (ACT).

Products and Services


Clearing and Forwarding Agents are tasked with the responsibility of facilitating the import and export of goods to and from a country, which require a substantial level of preparation and documentation, which must also be supplemented by logistical knowledge, experience and resources.

Selecting a reliable Freight Forwarder in Sri Lanka can prove to be a tedious task, with many new and inexperienced companies offering their services at competitive rates. However, when considering the correct business partner, it is beneficial to select one which has a proven track record.

By definition, logistics companies are responsible for the commercial activity of acquiring, managing and transporting goods from one point to another. However, its function delves much deeper, covering all aspects of transport from the point of manufacture, right up to the point of delivery.